You may have seen, a few days ago, the skate edit that snowboarder Scott Stevens dropped. If not, click on his name, and watch the madness.

Fear not though, action sport's renascence man hasn't stepped away from snowboarding. Far from it, in fact. Stevens is set to feature heavily in new Capita movie Defenders Of Awesome 2: Stay Bad Ass, which drops at the end of September.

Just to tease us, Capita have released B-Sides; an edit of the Scot Stevens footage that didn't make the film. That's right, these are the parts that DIDN'T make the cut. If they're editing out hammers like these, the final thing promises to be amazing.

From board swaps, to Texas Two Steps, this is a must see. What further proof do you need that the man they call Sleepy is one of the sickest snowboarders around?

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