The latest Burton Presents has just landed, and it's amazing. Unlike the other edits in the series that focused on certain aspects of riding, this fourth instalment dips its toe into pretty much every facet of snowboarding. There's urban, park, pipe, back country, and a bit of ATV action thrown in for good measure.

In fact, there's only really slalom snowboarding missing. And lets face it, a world without slalom snowboarding is a much better place for all.

"It Feels Like a love letter to snowboarding"

The new edit features Norwegian Alek Oestreng smashing up some street spots, and Canadian Mark Sollers hooning around all kinds of terrain. Fellow pros Roope Tonteri and Ben Ferguson make an appearance as well.

In covering all bases,it would have been easy to have spread snowboarding a little too thin, but Burton Presents walks the line perfectly. It feels like a love letter to snowboarding. As lame as that sounds, it's kind of a wonderful thing.

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