These Burton Presents films are coming thick and fast now. The latest offering from Big B has just landed, and it's an urban jibbing masterclass.

Just like all of this seasons edits from Burton, this film focuses on specific riders, and it's Zak Hale and Bo Selecta character Ethan Deiss, two of the most talented street riders on the planet.

You can see them here, hurling themselves towards walls, over fences, and even knobbing about about inside a snow-strews factory. While there aren't the massive airs you'd see in a text-book mountain video, the riding is still just as breath taking when you consider that a slight deviation from a run would result in the chaps slamming, full pelt into concrete walls, chain-link fences, bridges, or whatever other equally immovable stuff they're using as a playground.

Regular watchers of snowboard films (or nerds, as we should probably call ourselves) will no doubt recognise a lot of the locations in this latest edit. That's because the chap scoured the globe, from Norway to Canada to find the sweetest street spots around.

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