What happens when some of the world's best snowboarders come to the UK to promote a new film? They absolutely destroy the place.

That's exactly what happened when Scott Stevens, Brandon Cocard, Dustin Craven and Phil Jacques did when they dropped by this green and pleasant land a little earlier this season.

By night they were appearing in various venues throughout the UK promoting the new Capita film, DOA2: Defenders Of Awesome, but by day they dropped by some of our dry slope and indoor facilities to ride the best that the UK has to offer.

In the first of two edits, here you can see the guys slaying the snow dome in Tamworth where they got inverted on the quarter pipe, and made innocent bystanders fear impending disaster...

Stevens disaster

Stevens disaster

After that, they headed north of the border to the Bearsden dryslope in Scotland. The famous kicker-to-quarterpipe setup there had the guys absolutely ripping, and dropping stylish one-footed airs and inverts all over the place.

Of course, while they were here, the Capita guys dropped into Mpora Towers. Keep your eyes peeled for our exclusive Scott Stevens interview, which will be on the site real soon.

The second edit from the UK tour is imminent, you'll be able to catch up with where the riders headed next, and who won the beard growing competition between Jacques and Cocard.

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