Cheap snowboarding gear can be found - you just need to know where to look. Photo: iStock


Cheap snowboarding gear isn’t always easy to find. Snowboarding after all isn’t a cheap sport. Ski towns are expensive places, lift passes are eye-wateringly pricey and you’ll pay more for a pint on the mountain than in central London.

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Luckily, there are a few options for those looking for cheap snowboarding gear. Beginner snowboarders particularly don’t want to invest hundreds of pounds in kit, especially if they aren’t sure they will ever go snowboarding again.

The problem with buying cheap snowboarding gear is you get what you pay for. It’s not going to be the best quality kit and we can’t guarantee it will last you longer than one season. However, if you are looking for a quick fix for a snowboarding holiday in Europe this winter, then read on...



Photo: Aldi

Cheap Snowboarding Gear Aldi Skiing

Did you know that Aldi sell snowboarding gear? Yes, really. They started stocking skiing and snowboarding clothing in 2014, including everything from thermals to snowboarding jackets and goggles. They even stock a two-way radio for contacting your mates on the piste.

We tested the Aldi snowboarding gear out a couple of years ago - read the full Aldi review to see what we thought.

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Photo: Surfdome

Surfdome Cheap Snowboarding Jacket 2016 2017

Aside from Aldi, Surfdome make their own snowboarding gear for a fraction of the price of big-brand names. A waterproof, insulated snowboarding jacket with underarm ventilation will only set you back £99.99 plus they have a good selection of cheap ski and snowboard bags, ranging from £49.99 to £89.99.


You can find some amazing cheap snowboarding gear deals in Sports Direct. Photos: Sports Direct UK

Cheap Snowboarding Gear UK TKMaxx Sports Direct Salomon

Another great place to look for cheap snowboarding wear is Sports Direct and TK Maxx. While rooting through these stores on a busy Saturday afternoon can seem like hell on earth, there are plenty of bargains to be found.

We’ve spotted £200+ Salomon jackets for £100 and O’Neill jacket, originally priced £199.99 down to £37.50. You can’t pass up a bargain like that. They’ve got good websites, so you can avoid visiting the store and just shop online.


Photo: Topshop

Cheap Snowboarding Gear UK Topshop Sno H and M

For women, both H&M and Topshop have their own snow wear collections with on-trend designs for less than you’ll find in a major ski shop.

Topshop’s SNO collection include jackets and trousers, plus accessories including snowboarding socks, buffs, thermal baselayers and earmuffs. A jacket would set you back just £90.

H&M have stocked kids snowgear for years. Their adults collection is stocked during the winter months and includes jackets, pants and thermals. A snowboarding jacket, for example, costs around £60.

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Sales are a great place to find top-quality snowboarding gear for discounted prices. The best time for sales shopping is after the European winter season is over from the end of April until August.

Surfdome have a great selection of snowboarding items on sale to choose from, as well as the EpicTV Shop and The Snowboard Asylum.


Photo: iStock


Buying second-hand snowboarding gear is another good idea when it comes to forking out for a whole new outfit.

eBay is the obvious place to hunt for bargains, although make sure you are buying from a well-rated seller. You always run the risk of paying for an item of clothing only to find when it arrives, there are cigarette burns in the sleeves and it’s ten sizes too small.

Alternatively, many ski resorts have Buy & Sell pages on Facebook with gear sold for cheap all the time. Take Morzine Buy ‘n’ Sell as one example. Again this is a great place to look around April time, as most seasonaires will be getting rid of kit before they leave for the summer.

Your final option would be borrowing off a friend or family member. However, when your dad says he’s happy to let you wear his old snowboarding gear, remember it might be a multi-coloured onesie from the 1980s. Just a warning.

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