What were you doing when you were 14? If you were anything like us, you'd still have been chasing a ball around a field, lying about conquests with members of the opposite sex, and making unconvincing fake ID in a bit to buy some Newcastle Brown Ale.

However, Chloe Kim is no ordinary 14 year old. She's a bond-fide snowboarding wizard. The Hermione Granger of sliding down a half pipe on a board. And to prove it, she's just become the youngest ever winner of a gold medal at a Winter  X Games.

Chloe has long been thought of as The-Next-Big-Thing in snowboarding half pipe, only missing out on a spot on the US olympic team for the Sochi games last year because, at the time, she was too young to qualify. However, a year on, and she's found her way to the of the podium at the X Games in Aspen.

Chlow Kim gold

Chlow Kim gold

Fellow american Kelly Clarke has long dominated the world of women's half pipe, and she was sitting in top spot at the games. However, on her final run, looking a little banged up following a slam in practice, Chloe dropped in.

Her dizzying run, that included a switch method,  900, backside seven, a McTwist, and a final big 900, bagged her 92 points which was enough to overtake Clarke and secure her the big prize.

Winning such a coverted prize at 14 is likely to launch Chloe's career in an even more stratospheric trajectory than it already was. You need just check the career of Ryan Sheckler, who won a gold at the Summer X Games back in 2003 at just 13 in skateboard street. He's kind of a big deal.

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