Control Seb Toots

So here we have a new video of Seb Toots doing what he does best but there's a slight twist to it. On first look it's basically an advertisement for O'Neill and Philips as they launch a new headphone collab with Seb Toots. So, yes, it is an ad but it's a nifty little ad! Instead of the video focusing on the headphones and only that, you're able to choose what tricks Seb stomps. It's kind of like 'Being John Malkovich' but snowboarding and we don't have to travel to the 7 1/2 floor.

You get to decide what trick Seb pulls every time he approaches a kicker, rail or wall ride. From backside 7's to backside 10 double corks and backside lips, you'll enjoy a rare opportunity to realize your own vision of the ultimate park run courtesy of Toots’ phenomenal arsenal of tricks.

Go on, give it a look. It's kind of fun being able to control what he does and I'm hoping it's the first step to interactive snowboarding where we choose the tricks the riders perform in competition. Slightly God-like and very controlling but it could be fun.

Oh yeh, don't forget there's some headphones in there somewhere.