Do snowboarders make more desirable men?

What sports create a more desirable man? It's an age old debate (probably not that old) but I think we might have found out the answer.

People are always looking at football players to provide a good role-model for children and there are some girls out there that want the lifestyle. There's also the hundreds of sportsmen in the states that earn a bucket load of cash but are these the kind of men that your mother would approve of?

You see, if your mother doesn't like your boyfriend then it's not going to end well. She's the lynchpin in most relationships and can make or break whatever union there is but what if your mother selects the man for you? That's a whole different ball game! I only bring this up as the first part of Snow, Man: Czech Mate lands onto our screens.

"Czech Mate is a five part series where Bevan Hall and Liam Ryan attempt to discover the world through snowboarding. They travel extensively through Czech Republic exploring the Czech snowboard scene and culture."

That's their description. And, going by part 1, it's a great series. The reason I point out the discussion of what sport makes a more desirable man is that towards the end of this edit a Czech mother talks to one of the snowboarders asking where they are from. As soon as she finds out that they are snowboarders from overseas she immediately offers her own daughter to them! Seems the hidden formula is to be a snowboarder, be foreign and to visit the Czech Republic.

Desirability thy name is snowboarding. More Snowboarding Videos >>