Have you ever wanted to take a snowboard onto a skateboard Mega ramp? No, of course you haven't. No normal person would. However, the dude's over at Every Third Thursday are not normal people.

Known for taking Signal snowboards and doing all kinds of weird and wonderful things with them, the ETT guys approached Lithe - a company that builds skateboards using carbon fibre and some other bits and pieces that they're a little secretive about.

After all, a regular snowboard - at anything between 140 to 160 centimetres long - simply wouldn't work on a Mega ramp. Or so you'd think.

But the Lithe guys, laughing in the face of convention,  worked some techy magic and, with the help of the team at Signal, made a fully functional snowboard that doubles as a really, really long skateboard.

"what madness will they dream up next?"

But even with the super-long, multi-use board built, they still need somebody willing to give it a go on the monster ramp. Cue impossibly young skate pro Mitchie Brusco.

As you'd expect, the two-time X Games Big Air medalist Brusco took to slaying the Mega ramp with on the massive board with disarming ease.

Of course, to call the board a success, it still has to rip on snow as well. But when ETT are involved, it was never in doubt.

In fact, the only question remaining is what madness will the Every Third Thursday guys dream up next?

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