We love snowboarding. Aside from when people start throwing the word 'slalom' around, it's pretty hard to tarnish the noble art or arsing around on a tray.

So when you take snowboarding, and a $240,000 (about £154,600) Lamborghini into the mix, things get pretty rad, right?


This may be the most underwhelming snowboard edit we've ever seen, and given it's pretty much our job to sift through every one that's released, that's saying something.

Granted, the Lamborghini is capable of going naught to 60 in just two and a half seconds, but it appears to be virtually useless on snow. Equally useless on snow is the Cheshire Gent snowboarding behind.

We know not everybody can be Stale Sandbech, but are these three inch airs really worth committing to virtual celluloid forever?


For the avoidance of any doubt, the answer is a firm "no".

Inexplicably, at one point the footage drops to slow motion, which is a bit like spiking an ancient tortoise's salad with ketamine and filming it not really going off it's tits. The bad Euro EDM is the cherry on the top of the shitty cake.

We're not just a bunch of cynical bastards moaning about some dudes with a nice car. We salute anybody getting some shred on, especially when there's a bit of a dump over here in the UK.

All we're saying is, next time, leave the pipe and slippers at home.

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