It's that time of year again. Another winter season is coming to the end. The chalets are all packed away. The streets and slopes are empty. The snow is melting (or actually, just starting again, thanks to another freak last-day-of-the-season-dump).

For many of us, it means leaving our beloved ski town is coming closer. In my case, it's Morzine, a small French ski town with enough British-speaking residents to think you're actually in Brighton, not the Alps.

Here's why I think it's the best seasonaire town in the world...

1) It's not the tallest or the most gnarly resort in France...

Photo: iStock

Zermatt Snowboarding Skiing Mountains Switzerland

2) But it is a genuinely HUGE ski area

Snowboarding Morzine France Powder Off Piste

Snowboarding Morzine France Powder Off Piste

3) With plenty of sick hidden backcountry spots

Photo: Michelle Noschese

Morzine Avoriaz Snowboarding France

4) Just think about those powder days ripping around Happy Valley

Morzine Avoriaz Snowboarding France

Morzine Avoriaz Snowboarding France

5) And fresh tracks down the Vallee de la Manche

Photo: iStock

6) Slushy spring days in the Arare park

Photo: Treeline Chalets

Morzine Avoriaz Arare Park Snowboarding Treeline Chalets

7) And ripping through the Stash

Photo: Burton Stash

Avoriaz Burton Stash Portes du Soleil Morzine France

8) It's actually a pretty good-looking town, unlike some French resorts...

Morzine France Avoriaz Sunrise Ski Town

Morzine France Avoriaz Sunrise Ski Town

9) The French locals are generally pretty good natured to the thousands of Brits that invade their home every year

10) And attempt to speak to them in their mother tongue

11) What would we do without sweaty Sunday nights in Cafe Chaud?

Photo: Cafe Chaud

Cafe Chaud Morzine France Club Bar

12) Rad snow festivals, like Rock The Pistes

Rock The Pistes Snow Festival Skiing Snowboarding Avoriaz Morzine

Rock The Pistes Snow Festival Skiing Snowboarding Avoriaz Morzine

13) And cramming into the Marmotte d'Or on a Tuesday for the live music

Photo: Marmotte d'Or

Marmotte dOr Morzine Montriond

14) We will miss the non-stray dogs that like to take themselves off for walks around town

Photo: iStock

15) The lethal local pints

Photo: Sam/James Fuller

Mutzig Beer Pint

16) Evenings spent being entertained by these guys

Photo: Cavern 24/7 Film Festival

Cavern 247 Morzine Film Festival

17) And picking up fresh bread at 5am from the bakery after a night out. Wait, what you didn't know that trick?

Photo: iStock

18) Morzine is home to some of the best freshly brewed beer and nachos in the Alps, thanks to Le Bec Jaune

Photo: More Mountain

Morzine Le Bec Jaune Craft Beer Nachos

19) And burgers...

Photo: O Chalet

O Chalet Morzine Burger France

20) And we can't forget Mammas for being our faithful friend on hungover Thursday evenings

Photo: Mammas

Mammas Morzine France Takeaway Food

21) It's also pretty damn good in the summer too...

Photo: iStock


22) But most of all, it's the rad people that make Morzine better than the rest

Photo: Tumblr

Snowboarding Girl Beanie Beer Woman

23) So, who's coming back next year?

Powder Snow Morzine Avoriaz Linderets France

Powder Snow Morzine Avoriaz Linderets France

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