There are not many events that play host to world-breaking stunts on a regular basis.

There are even fewer where you get the chance to stick a front flip with a giant sword in your hand, and there's pretty much only one where you'll see someone double backflip over a castle made of ice.

That Jesper Tjäder death gap double backflip still leaves us stunned... Unbelievable riding!

We are, of course, talking about the Suzuki Nine Knights & Queens, probably the most photogenic skiing/snowboarding/mountain biking contest there is, and certainly one of the most distinctive contests on the riding circuit.

Just in case you had forgot how epic the whole thing is, the people behind it have dropped the awesome edit above, showcasing the top 10 moments from the history of the event.

That Jesper Tjäder double still leaves us stunned... And it doesn't hurt that it's set to the Game of Thrones edit either!

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