Adidas have just dropped an absolute banger of an edit called Nomad. It appears to be a statement of intent from the company normally associated with Run RMC's shoes, who'd love to break even further into the snowboarding market.

Nomad, the first of a three-part web series, is filmed in Japan and starts featuring some sick back country by Jake Blauvelt, Kazuhiro Kokubo, and Eric Jackson taking on some mouth watering tree runs and natural drops.

After all that nature, things get a bit grimier as we switch to the streets with Forrest Bailey, Louif Paradis, and Keegan Valaika ripping up Sapporo with some stylish urban snowboarding. Forrest Bailey's banks into the subway from 4.40 in particular was rad.

With the remaining parts of the series set to be released throughout the season, we're excited to see where Nomad will go to next.

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