“Age is just a number" they say. The ‘they’ in question clearly haven’t had to visit the hospital for an ultrasound on a knackered shoulder caused by falling out of bed. Indeed, age is a number, but it’s one that coincided with the increasing fragility of all of us.

But this ancient looking fella laughs in the face of all of this morbid talk. He visited the Snow Centre in Hemel, and after a shaky start - including pissing off a local grom after snaking her - it wasn’t long before he was hitting rails, and hooning off the kicker on a snowboard like, well, like Jamie Nicholls.

Holy Hell! This Ancient Looking Dude Just Landed A Backflip On A Skateboard

Fear not, if you’re 27 and about to furiously snap your board in half because a dude with 50 years on you can do things you can never dream of doing, it’s not actually Grandpa Time going mental on a rental. That Yorkshire lilt in his accent sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it?

That’s because the Rad Grandad is actually our very own Jamie Nicholls, team GB star, and all round nice guy. To celebrate his 23rd birthday, he invited a bunch of women around his house to cover him in prosthetics and make him look like an old man. What a scoundrel, eh. Happy Birthday, Jamie.

Before and after. Chilling = Photo: YouTube / Jamie Nicholls
Gotta catch 'em all - Photo: YouTube / Jamie Nicholls
Now he's playing Snake - Photo: YouTube / Jamie Nicholls
The stunned crowd - Photo: YouTube / Jamie Nicholls

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