O'Neill Evolution 2012

The new year is here and it ushers in a snow season that is set to be one of the best in recent years. With the competition that is on the rider lists, you just know it's going to be hard fought. As the TTR Rankings start to amass and riders already look for the top spot, the O'Neill Evolution couldn't turn up at a better time. It marks the start of the new year and marks the start of when the competition really hots up.

So what can we expect? With riders like Ethan Morgan, Ville Uotila, Jamie Nicholls, Billy Morgan, Sven Thorgren and a whole load more, the fight for TTR points is going to be a scrappy one. There's still a lot of big named riders that aren't in attendance but they'll rear their snowboarding heads at other events. And then the party is really going to kick off!

With Davos dumping down the white stuff, we got a chance to check out what's on offer this season and Billy Morgan smashed the expectations out of the water. He stomped a double rodeo off the kicker and a cab 270 on to the rail. That gave him a score 85.58, a full 5.5 points ahead of Ville Uotila. But with that in the bag, we looked at heat 2 and noticed another British ripper gaining some plaudits. Jamie Nicholls took second place behind Sven Thorgren, which means that Jamie will now face off with Billy making it a true battle of Britain... in Davos.

O'Neill Evolution 2012: Practice

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O'Neill Evolution 2012: Check The Course

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O'Neill Evolution 2012: Qualifying - Rd 1

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Now if you thought I was joking about the snow in Davos, think again. The contest has now been postponed due to heavy snow fall. It's throwing it down in the quali highlights and it's only getting heavier! We'll bring you the rest of the highlights when they come in along with all of the latest news and scores!