A lot of films in Hollywood follow up the release of their movie with computer games, clothing, CDs... you name it, they'll release it with the film's title stamped on it. So is it any surprise that Travis Rice's latest blockbuster now has a computer game attached to it?! So it's not anything amazing, it's not something that will be released onto the Xbox or PS3 but it is a computer game nonetheless.

Overkill? - The Art of Flight game

So, after looking through the insanely well done Art of Flight website, there's a link to head to a Red Bull web page to play the game. It's a simple game where you control a snowboarder (our guess is it's modeled on TRice) as he flies down a mountain. You then control his speed and tricks to gain as many points as possible to top the ever changing leaderboard. Like I said, simple game.

Nothing major but I'm wondering what your thoughts are. Is it overkill or just another added bonus to a great snow film?

Play it here