Pirate Movie Productions: The Bottom Line

Pirate Movie Productions: The Bottom Line

Holy shit. There's not a lot of videos that make me swear but the new teaser from Pirate Movie Productions literally makes me weep. They're a crew that has been around for a long time in the snow industry and are known the world over for their incredible films such as Hooked and Jolly Roger (from recent years). If you are a fan of the Pirate crew's films then you'll be interested to know that they've taken a slightly different approach to their new film. This time it's shot in 16:9, which is slightly different dimensions to their previous efforts.

It's being billed as showcasing some of the best Euro shred and "brings you creative urban riding as well as mad backcountry slaughtering." All I know is that if the cast are anything like the previous movies then it'll be well worth the watch.

Oh, hang on... Featuring: Gigi Rüf, Marco Feichtner, Kalle Ohlson, Markku Koski, Arthur Longo, Juuso Laivisto, Tyler Chorlton, Chris Sörman, Hans Ahlund, Björn Hartweger, Danny Larsen, Teo Konttinen, Victor Teymurov, Stian Solberg, Gerome Mathieu ,Erik Botner, Werni Stock & friends

Film in 16:9, produce a flip book of the whole movie, I don't care. You just know that this bunch of riders, that film crew, thrown in with a bunch of snow, I'll be a happy bloke for a long while.

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