Rainbow Industry, Rainbow Park, RFamily or Rainbow Films (confusingly they seem to go under a few different monikers depending on what they're up to) got in on the act relatively early, producing their first snowboarding film, The Realness, in 2011. They're an ambitious bunch, and their interests include building skate and snowboard parks and producing accessories, on top of producing sweet films like this one.

Coming from St Petersburg, with its long, freezing winters and snowfall most city-dwellers can only dream of, they're well placed to really excel at urban snowboarding. And excel they have, as this trailer for their debut film proves. It's pretty hardcore stuff, using an industrial backdrop of warehouses and shipping containers to awesome effect. Presumably the Russian cops don't take too kindly to this sort of behaviour, and they don't mess about. In comparison, a rail slide along a two storey drop probably doesn't seem scary at all.

The RFamily (or Rainbow Industry, Rainbow Films, or whatever you want to call them) went on to produce a number of other films, including a follow-up to The Realness in 2013, imaginatively titled The Realness. So far, so confusing. But then, it's a good title so why spoil it? Since then this group of Russian daredevils have gone a little quiet on us. Perhaps they've settled on a name at last, this time in Russian so it doesn't show up on our decadent western search engines.