This is Silje Norendal, she's pretty good at snowboarding

A couple of weeks ago she won the Slopestyle competition at the Winter X-Games in Aspen with this storming run

She nailed a flawless Backside 540 to take the gold

Silje 540

Here she is celebrating her triumph. It was her first win in Aspen and she triumphed over American favourite, Jamie Anderson

She's proved her talent on both sides of the Atlantic. Last year she won gold in the same event at the X-Games in Tignes

This time taking top spot with a smooth Frontside Rodeo

Silje Rodeo

Sandwiched between these two big wins she also nailed down a third at the 2013 Dew Tour.

It's fair to say she's an all around athlete

Silje Rodeo

silje frog jump

She's currently number one in the world in women's slopestyle

Silje Rodeo

silje bigger

And we'll drink to that

She grew up in the small Norwegian town of Kongsberg


kongsberg map 2

She's only 20 - in fact she only graduated from high school two years ago


silje graduating

She'll be making her first appearance at the Winter Olympics, representing Norway

She's willing to stand up for her beliefs in Sochi.

She's been on the front cover of Cooler

She enjoys hanging out with her girlfriends and describes her self as a girly girl


silje bikini zoom

She's pretty!

You'd probably quite like to bump into her on a night out

And we can't help but agree


silje hot

But let's not forget she's a world class shredder


From the video: ROXY PODCAST Silje Norendaal Like mother, like daughter

So onwards to Olympic glory Silje Norendal!


silje olympic rings