Our wonderful world has not been lacking in snow this winter, which makes for a nice chance. All praise to the weather overlords.

Of course, we're inclined to make the most of it - largely because as a species we are now scared when good things happen that they'll either end too soon, we won't take full advantage of them or that they'll never happen again. What with global warming and all, a lot of us are starting to grow eerily concerned that by the end of our lifetimes all we'll have left to slide down are sand dunes, snow domes, and flat-block staircases - nevermind slopes.

So while there is enough snow around the streets to go full-Scandinavia and cross-country ski to the morning's milk and cereal, and snowboard out front doors and houses which for the first time ever are "ski-in, ski-out", you better believe we're gonna do it.

"The snowboarder was inches from sliding over a cliff and falling to their almost definite death..."

We've been sent all sorts of videos from the recent snow storms of people skiing and snowboarding in city centres. The snow might be bringing cities to a standstill but it's only got snowsports lovers moving even quicker.

The thing is though, even with a heap of snow on top of them, city centres and the hills around them aren't always ideal for snowboarding or skiing.


There are rocks. Lots of rocks. If you're snowboarding on a main road, you are pretty much just snowboarding on a rock. And there aren't any chairlifts or safety signs to say: "oh no don't go over there, that's a 40ft cliff and if you go over it you'll land in the car park of a gas station and probably die".

We know that's a pretty niche example, but it would've been a handy sign for this urban snowboarder in (we're-going-to-guess) Russia, who came inches away from sliding over a cliff and falling to his almost definite death while he was chasing some city powder.

The video captures the sketchy situation pretty well. Have a look and let us know what you think! We think you'll probably agree that this was some seriously poor (read: stupid) decision making by the snowboarder. But at least they got away.

If you're planning to get back out into the city snow - by all means do it. Just don't fall to your death in a petrol station. Or anywhere else for that matter. We like you too much.

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