Pictured: Shaun White...rocking the moustache.

To say Shaun White is famous for his escapades in the world of snowboarding and skateboarding is a bit of an understatement. Over the course of his career, the man commonly known as "The Flying Tomato" has won more X Games medals than you've had hot dinners. As if that wasn't impressive enough, White's also won two Olympic halfpipe golds (Turin '06, Vancouver '10).

Back in 2008, the guitar-playing White found time between his action sports pursuits to start a band called Bad Things with drummer Lena Zawaideh. But in a story published by trashy gossip website TMZ, it would seem the relationships in Bad Things have taken a bad turn - with Lena reportedly suing White for a minimum of $42,000 in back payments (as well as additional compensation for punitive damages).

Then again, it's worth keeping in mind, that this is the same TMZ website that once tried to stir up a non-existent beef between Tony Hawk and his son Riley. Taking that into consideration, we'd recommend everyone keeps an open mind at this time.

Pictured: Lena Zawaideh (via Twitter - @Lena_Z).

TMZ are claiming that Zawaideh is currently accusing Shaun White of sexually harassing her, failing to pay her, and making controlling requests of her during her eight-year tenure with the band.  According to, and we can't stress this enough, the ever questionable TMZ - Shaun White "made inappropriate and sexually harassing and suggestive comments" towards her.

In 2013, TMZ reports, White demanded the band follow him around the country to rehearse while he was training for the Olympics. They're also reporting that Zawaideh claims White forced her to practice while ill, demanded she cut her hair before a gig in France, and eventually stopped paying her because he felt that she no longer needed the money.

Arguably the most serious allegation contained within Zawaideh's lawsuit, as reported by TMZ, is the claim that White sexually harassed her both in person and via text messages. White’s legal representatives have not yet responded to these allegations.

Pictured:Lena Zawaideh and Shaun White of Bad Things.