Six year old snowboarder Nico Bondi shredding in Laax - Photo: Vernon Deck


Not so long ago, we brought you footage of a six-year old Italian snowboard wizard called Nico Bondi.

The supremely talented grom is making quite a splash online, racking up views with his bag of tricks that he pulls off with the kind of style people five times his age would struggle to muster.

And now this mini-ripper, from Madonna de Campiglio is back with a new video, where he ups the ante, while hooning around Laax in Switzerland, albeit in what looks like a bit of a white-out.

Learn How To Be More Stylish On A Snowboard… From This Six Year Old Kid

Is there anything this kid can’t do? Well, he’s pretty handy on a skateboard, and apparently rips on a surfboard as well. Kind of makes the time you tried to land a duvet-kick flip look a bit silly, doesn’t it.

With sponsors already showing an interest in his talent, and easy style, the name Nico Bondi is one to remember.

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