How low can you go? Ludacris wants to know. He's called you up in the dead of night, and is waiting for an answer. He won't leave you alone until he gets one. You've already hung up on him once, but he just called you straight back. Pesky Ludacris. 

"Ludacris," you say, "It's two o'clock in the bloody morning."

"How low... " he lets the words hang in the air, "can you go?"

Ludacris, you see, has just spent the last 14 hours religiously watching and then rewatching the 'Slice 'n' Dice' films from Onboard. First things first, he watched Volume One. He enjoyed it, sure. Why wouldn't he? Then there was Volume Two which proved, much like Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather II, that sequels can sometimes improve on the original. And then, just when he thought it couldn't get any better, along came Volume Three and, well, he was smitten. 

If you've never seen any of the Slice 'n' Dices before, here are some things you should know about them. They feature Dave Crozier of Real Snowboarding and Lewis Sonvico of SuperRad. They were shot by Ed Blomfield and Sam McMahon. They contain a lot of low, elbow-on-the-piste, riding. They're properly brilliant.

Location wise, 'Vol. 1' takes place on the slopes of Morzine and Avoriaz while 'Vol. 2' and 'Vol. 3' shifts the down and dirty action on over to Stubai (supported by Nidecker Snowboards). Watch them now. Watch all of them now.

Slice 'n' Dice Volume 1

Slice 'n' Dice Volume 2

Slice 'n' Dice Volume 3

If these have wet your whistle for all things flow and low, you'll be pleased to know that there's new Slice 'n' Dice Volumes heading your way later this year. We caught up with Sam McMahon, the man responsible for editing and co-filming these things, and he told us that 'Vol. 4' and 'Vol. 5' should be out around September/October time. Oh, and he confirmed to us that they were both filmed in Japan. Yes, that Japan. The land of pow, no less. Might watch those, hey? 

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