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Chances are, by now you’ll have seen 2016’s snowboarding epic The Fourth Phase. And if not, you’ll have read enough about it and seen enough clips to know it’s quite rightly regarded as the biggest snowboarding film in some time.

But now the makers have released the crash reel from the film, and it turns out that you don’t make such a bad-ass snowboarding omelette without breaking a few eggs along the way.

There are some brutal spills in this, as you’d maybe expect from a group of riders including Travis Rice, Brian Iguchi, Pat Moore Jeremy Jones and the like, all of who are pushing the limits of what they can do on a slidy but of wood. At times, these bails look as video-game-like as the tricks the fellas stick.

So, whether you’re the kind of person who sits through bail videos wincing, or getting increasingly stoked and saying “Bro! Gnar-dogg!" and pretending it’s as brutal as the bump you got to the knee at the Snowdome, sit back and endure/enjoy the Fourth Phase crew putting everything on the line.

The Fourth Phase Review: We Take A First Look At The Massive New Snowboarding Film Starring Travis Rice

Photo: YouTube / Transworld
Photo: YouTube / Transworld

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