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The UK doesn’t get much snow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a snowboarding beginners lesson in the British Isles.

Some of Great Britain’s best snowboarders learnt to snowboard right here in the UK - including Olympic bronze medallist Jenny Jones, Aimee Fuller and Jamie Nicholls.

What Is Snowboarding And What Gear Do I Need?

You don’t have to travel all the way to France or Switzerland to try snowboarding for the first time. Although if you want to head somewhere abroad, read this article on the 10 best snowboarding resorts in Europe.

There are three places you can take beginners snowboarding lessons in the UK: in a snow dome, on a dry slope or on real snow in Scotland.

Not sure what to wear to your first snowboarding lesson? Read our beginners snowboarding gear guide.


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Snowboarding Beginners Snow Dome Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre Indoors UK

Snow domes are artificial indoor ski slopes with real snow, made from snow-making machines. It’s a great place to learn skiing and snowboarding because it mimics the conditions you’ll find on a real mountain. Snow domes are usually kept between -1°C and -5°C.

The downside is the runs are short and not very varied, but this won’t matter when you are a beginner snowboarder.

You can take snowboarding beginners lessons at all indoor snow domes all year round. Here are a list of all of the indoor snow domes in the UK:

Snow Factor - Glasgow

SnoZone - Castleford, West Yorkshire

Chill Factore - Manchester 

Snowdome - Tamworth, Staffordshire

SnoZone - Milton Keynes

The Snow Centre - Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Lessons range from £125 to £175 for a full-day learn to snowboard course. You can also book a shorter, two-hour lesson in many of the domes.

They also have ski and snowboard rental at domes, including boots and helmets, so you can rent your snowboarding gear there.

Even though you are indoors, it’s a good idea to wear plenty of layers, including snowboarding jacket and snowboarding trousers because you will get cold in there. You don’t need goggles but you will need a helmet and gloves. You can find out where to buy cheap snowboarding gear here.

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Snowtrax Dry Ski Slope UK

Dry slopes are artificial ski slopes without real snow. The surface you ride on is like a thick bristled carpet. There are a greater number of dry slopes across the country than snow domes. However, the surface is less forgiving when you fall than real snow.

Dry slopes are the original place British snowboarders started learning to snowboard in the UK. There are over 50 dry slopes across the UK. The Ski Club of Great Britain have a fantastic UK slopes map which shows you exactly where you can find your nearest dry slope.

Many of these centres have snowboarding rental facilities, but it is worth double-checking before you go. Some dry slopes are only open during the winter months. Full-day lesson learning to snowboard on a dry slope will cost you anywhere from £50 to £100.

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Ski Lift at Glenshee, Scotland


If you are looking for real snow on a real mountain, then you need to head to Scotland. There are five ski resorts in Scotland:

Glenshee Ski Centre

Glencoe Ski Centre

Nevis Range

Cairngorm Mountain


They all have snowsports schools where you can book a snowboarding lesson. These will depend on the weather. A group snowboarding lesson in Scotland will cost you between £25 and £50 for a two hour class.


Yes, really. You can find real ski slopes at Yad Moss in Cumbria, Ski Allenheads in Northumberland, Raise in the Lake District and Weardale Ski Club in County Durham.

They are only open when there is snow (obviously) and unfortunately you can’t take lessons here. However, once you are riding, you can become a member and give it a go yourself.

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