'Weeeeee....' Danny Davis in the deep - Photo: Burton Snowboards

Another week passes so, of course, Burton Snowboards have dropped another absolute hammer edit.

It's part of their regular Burton Presents series, and this time around, the spotlight focuses on the hairiest man in snowboarding, Danny Davis.

You might know Davis as a regular podium botherer whenever there's a massive halfpipe contest knocking around, but the Frends [sic] Crew rider has more in his locker than that. In fact, the only think he doesn't appear to have in his locker is a razor.

Dany Davis, seconds after stubbing his toe - Photo: Burton Snowboards

In this part, Davis shows the world his back country skills, hooning around in Japan, before heading back to the Unites States, and back into the X Games half pipe where he collected another gold medal, adding to the one he got back in 2014.

Flippin' heck - Photo: Burton Snowboards

Just like the other Burton Resents edits we've seen this season, while the focus remains on one star rider, 2015/16 appears to be the year of the cameo.

Davis' part in no exception, with Danny sharing screen time with Mark McMorris, Ben Ferguson, a hole host of Mitrani brothers, and some old dude called Terje Haakonsen. Not a bad crew to find yourself out in one of the snowboarding Meccas of the world with.

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