Think snowboarding is difficult? You'll have no problem finding a room full of snowboarders willing to tell you how bruised their arse got when they learnt, or how how sliding down a hill sideway is tricky to master.

Aussie Sarah Hilt, however, is having none of it. She thinks snowboarding is easy, despite having no legs!

Aged just 19 she lost both limbs following an attack of Meningococcal, which also took her left arm, and the fingers and thumb on her right hand. It left Sarah in a coma for weeks, and requiring years of surgery.

"Sarah is an absolute natural on a snowboard"

But Sarah wasn't about to let something like this hold her back. She'd always been sporty, and in love with adventure so, after relearning to walk with the help of prosthetics, she set her sights on learning to snowboard with her fiancée.

She hit up the team at Real Snowboarding in Morzine, France while on her honeymoon. The guys coached her through the movements she needed to ride the hill, but it turned out Sarah is an absolute natural.  She's shredding the piste with all the style of somebody born on the snow.

To find out more about Sarah, and her inspirational story, check out: and for more on Real Snowboarding see:

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