We have to hold our hands up and admit, we've not always been that complimentary about snowskating in the past. In fact, we once suggested that it deserved to die.

However, we found this edit commemorating ten years of Ambition Snowskates. The great skill on show here is not somuch blurring the lines between snowboarding and skateboarding, but doing so in a way that doesn't make it look shit. Normally, the two positives make a negative, but this is rad.

Maybe now's the time for snow skating to make a resurgence. After all the likes of snowboarders Eiki Helgason and Scott Stevens have been dropping edits with metric fuck-tonnes of skate influence in them recently.





Are we about to head into a season where the resorts are awash with snowskates? Err, no. Probably not, but the resurgence may just be bubbling under.

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