Star Wars and Snowboarding collide!

Burton and Lucasfilm have joined the Alliance together (nice Star Wars joke for you there) to fight against the Empire (yet another one). For this fight to work they needed to design and release a load of new snowboarding gear so they decided to create a line of snowboards and an amazing grom helmet.

For the kids out there the 'Avid Grom R2-D2' helmet is a new collectible RED helmet. It's got all the usual tech bits with it such as airvance ventilation™, spin fit system and more. At €75 it's a not too bad for a helmet that will turn your child into an iconic robot.

Along with the helmet are a series of youth-sized Chopper snowboards that have eight different iconic images from the Star Wars Trilogy. You could be riding on a board with Yoda, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Stormtroopers, C3PO & R2-D2 or the original movie poster on the base. There's a couple more but you can see it in the image. I let you have that fun. Sizes are 80cm - 130cm long so it's a true youth-sized board and they'll set you back between €140-150.

It's a pretty good idea but it does have the feel of another company that did this a while ago. Does anyone remember the Capita/Star Wars snowboards?

Star Wars and Snowboarding collide!

Anyway, this bit of news had the geeks and snowboarders alike foaming at the mouth.