Most snowboarders call him 'God' because of his mind-meltingly stylish methods and, simply, just doing shit the right way. So, it was quite a surprise when we saw the new footage of Terje Haakonsen ripping around on a snowskate, of all things.

I mean, it wasn't that long ago that we included snow skating in our collection of action sports that deserve to die. But now our old pal Terje is ripping around on one then... well, we don't really know what to think any more.

In fairness, our issue with snow skates then, and now, is people using them badly, and launching them down piste like missiles aimed right out our head. When legit rippers like Haakonsen are whipping a snow skate about, it looks kind of sick.

No. No! Must resist. Snow skates are bad. Bad. Argh!

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