Method Man - Photo: YouTube / Burton Snowboards

The biggest name in snowboarding, Burton, are back with the second instalment of their 2016 web series, Burton Presents.

A showcase for their riders to rip around the mountains, the focus on this episode is American human being Ben Ferguson. Ferg spends much of the part hitting massive big country booters with mates and fellow Burton riders Danny Davies, Christian Haller, and some dude named Terje Haakonsen (nee: Håkonsen).

Snowboard friends! - Photo: YouTube / Burton Snowboards

But the big names palls aren't what got us hyped on this edit. Not even that Ben opted to have Cardiff hard rockers Budgie stomping away as the backing track.

No. What we love about this part is just how balls to the wall Ferg goes. That drop 3.30 in is a kneecap splitter.  And then that run... that run at 7.50 is... well, it's an absolute pant-filler. We imagine Ferguson's still putting after-sun on his eyeballs even today after such a blistering run.

Christian Haller emerges from the white room - Photo: YouTube / Burton Snowboards

Burton presents is set to continue throughout the 2016 season, and if the first two films are anything to go be, we can't wait to see what drops next.

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