What do you do when mountains just don't give you the speed rush you crave? And when you've already got a couple of speed records under your belt - including being towed at 111kph behind a car?

Well, you step it up and enlist your mate with a plane to pull you. At least that's what professional snowboarder/speed freak Jamie Barrow did.

He managed to get to a hefty 125kph along the runway

The young Brit, who's lucky enough to live in St Moritz (where of course people with planes are two a penny) was apparently denied permission for the plane to actually lift off the ground but still managed to get to a hefty 125kph along the runway.



It may not be snowboarding as most people know it, and he's still a way off the overall world speed record (202kph, set by Darren Powell on an actual mountain in Les Arcs) but it's pretty damn impressive nonetheless.

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