Travis Rice stars in The Fourth Phase - Photo: Red Bull Media House / The Fourth Phase

Snowboarder Travis Rice is back with a sneak peak at his brand new film, and it looks like an absolute epic. And we really do mean an epic. Forget the modern meaning when people call a tweaked mute grab epic. This looks huge.

The Fourth Phase is made by the same people as Art Of Flight – the glossiest, high budget snowboard movie that defined an entire genre. But not ones to rest on their laurels, this new movie looks bigger, slicker, and more impressive than anything that’s gone before.

T-Rice, as those who don’t really know him call him, is renowned for charging hard in the backcountry, pushing the limits of what his body can do in a bid to scale the gnarliest peaks, and then hooning down at eye-popping speed on his snowboard.

But in The Fourth Phase, which you'll have to forgive for sounding like a Joy Division tribute band, Trav' follows the hydrological cycle – which, in short, is the way the ocean creates the storms from which snow falls, allowing us to slide sideways – and turns this meteorological anomaly into a journey that takes in the whole of the North Pacific, across to Japan and even a Russian volcano.

Travis Rice sends it - Photo: Red Bull Media House / The Fourth Phase

Along the way, Rice hooks up with a who’s-who of big mountain talent, including Jeremy Jones, Eric Jackson, Bryan Iguchi, Victor de le Rue, Pat Moore and more.

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The sun may be shining outside, but crank your internet up to the full 4k, put the speakers on full, and embrace two minutes of the very best that winter can throw at you.

The Fourth Phase is released in October, and we’re already counting the days.


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