Jake Blauvelt's part from his movie, Naturally, was one of the best parts from 2013. The movie was the culmination of a two year project for Ride shredder, Jake Blauvelt. Having nailed the contest scene at an early age with a win in the US Open back in 2004 he set his sights on something further afield and more remote. His seamless move into back-country riding has been extraordinary and every episode of his Naturally webseries is here for you to enjoy.

Watch the most recent episode of Blauvelt's Naturally here.

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Blauvelt kicked things off with this edit back in 2011. Much of the shooting is in and around his home in Mt. Baker in Washington. A back injury put the series in jeopardy however..

Part two saw Blauvelt touch down in Japan and team up with Finnish legend, Heikki Sorsa. Cue ridiculous powder.

Jake battles dodgy conditions and visibility in Canada as he and Eric Jackson team up in the third part of the Naturally series. The Eric Jackson snow beard is a thing of beauty.

Old timer Devun Walsh and Ikka Backstrom join Jake as they take on the limitless backcountry of Whistler.

Mark Sollors and Jake Blauvelt take to the skies to go even deeper into the mountains to find the gnarliest lines.

Having released the full movie to acclaim Blauvelt is now showing us behind the curtain in his latest series of behind the scenes from Naturally. In this episode there's previously unseen footage of Jake's time in Japan with some ridiculously deep powder. A perfect combo.

In the second behind the scene episode Jake joins up with Freddi Kalbermatten and Eric Jackson and heads into the Alps and even further north into Norway.

Blauvelt hits it up in BC backcountry with Kazu Kokubo before an accident puts him out of action. He returns later on with Eric Jackson and Shayne Pospisil.

Proving that he's not just a pretty face, Blauvelt muses on the importance of mountains in snowboarding. He tears it up with Kazu Kokubo, John Jackson and Terje Haakonsen.