Photo: Jessika Hunter

Nova Scotia History Snowboarding Half Pipe Alex Duckworth Olympics

Nova Scotia is wet, wild, windy island off the east coast of Canada.

It seems like an unlikely place to breed snowboarding halfpipe talent - but some of the best Canadian competitors have come from this tiny windswept isle.

Three Olympians in the last five Olympics have come from a place that's known more for its sailing and fishing than snow.

Alex Duckworth is one such talent. She is sponsored by Billabong and represented Canada in the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.

Photo: Mat Barkley

Alex Duckworth Snowboarding Nova Scotia Olympics

While competing, she's also turned her talents to filmmaking. She decided to document the history of snowboarding in Nova Scotia.

It's really nicely made with clips of legends past and gives a real sense of the shred scene in this corner of the planet.

It also highlights just how few halfpipes are left in Canada. In the past ten years, they've declined by 50 per cent in Canada due to high production costs.

Hopefully films like this will help highlight their significance - and keep them shaped for years to come. Make it your must watch this evening.