Whitelines and Mpora have teamed up with EA Sports' new snowboard game SSX Tricky and Sno!Zone to try and break the world record for the longest rail slide ever on a snowboard!

It's a record that's currently held by a Spanish rider in the Madrid snowdome so we're intending to bring the trophy and accolade back to the UK. It all kicks off tomorrow at the Milton Keynes Sno!Zone and with a £1000 cask prize waiting for the rider who completes it, along with a spot in the Guinness Books of World Records. it's well worth a try!

The previous record stands at 66.9 metres and we've built a rail that's 80 metres long so it's going to take some stamina and balls. If you're interested in trying it out then email craig@whitelines.com to get your name on the paper but if not, then keep tuned on Mpora as we'll have an edit when it's all done.

World Record Railslide Attempt