X Games Big Air bronze medalist, Billy Morgan - Photo: James Renhard

British snowboarder Billy Morgan bagged a bronze medal in the Big Air at X Games Oslo tonight. The Southampton born olympian added the X Games gong to his growing list of accolades, chief among which was becoming the first human being to land a quad cork on a snowboard.

You remember that right? It was the incident last year that melted 30 per cent of the internet.

Tonight, Morgan added a prestigious X Games bronze to the trophy cabinet, after landing a backside 1440 triple cork. That's four full rotations, while also flipping three times, all while flying through the air on the largest scaffolding snowboard jump ever built.

X Games Bronze being awarded to Billy Morgan - Photo: James Renhard

On the night, 16 year old Japanese rider Yuki Kadono won gold with a backside 1620 (four and a half full rotations, with three flips) while Canadian Max Parrot bagged silver, also with a backside 1620, but one that wasn't as pant-pleasing to the judges as Yuki's.

X Games Oslo Bog Air winners Yuki Kadono, Max Parrot, and Billy Morgan - Photo: James Renhard
Whit X Games Big Air bronze safely around his neck, Billy Morgan is smiling from ear to ear - Photo: James Renhard

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