While we all love watching the Winter X Games, even the most die-hard fan would have to admit that they are a little bit... well, ridiculous.

There's the ridiculous names they insist on giving the various bits of the course: The money booter! The financial district! The variable rate mortgage rail! OK so we might have made that last one up, but you know what we mean.


There's the commentators' over-hyping of every North American contender (and complete cluelessness about anyone from the country they call Yurp) and of course there are the constant commercial breaks: "America's Navy: A Global Force for Good". Sigh.

All of these and more are skewered by this hilarious parody from Comedy Central's Tosh.0. Best thing about it though is that he's roped Sal Masakela in to take the piss out of himself. Legend.

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