ENG: Daniella Rosas - Pico Alto Wave - Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich Photo credit : Jose Plaza / ESP: Daniella Rosas - Ola de Pico Alto - Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich Credito fotografico : Jose Plaza

13-year-old Daniella Rosa just became the youngest woman in history to surf the big waves of Pico Alto's surf sport in Peru.

Rosa, who is a Proyecto student, taught under the supervision of former world surfing champion Sofia Mulanovich, took on the 15ft waves at the famous spot, successfully riding one of it's monsters on camera.

Talk about fearless!

The school, which has a focus on big wave surfing aims to take Peruvian youth surfing talent and offer them the tools and resources. A level of support that wasn't available that wasn’t there for Sofia Mulanovicn when she started out.

It was believed only a few years ago that femae bodies were not tough enough to take on big wave surfing at all, now a 13 year old teenage girls is proving how stupid that thinking really was!

Keep an eye on Rosa, we have a funny feeling that we'll be seeing a lot of her in a few years....