You might remember we posted up this piece of the strangest surf tattoos ever and it went down a storm.

To satisfy all you curious tat lovers, we've put together Surf Tattoos Part Two. Otherwise know as the surf tattoos that are actually pretty rad...

The Teahupo'o Masterpiece

surf tattoo mental

surf tattoo mental

This is pretty bloody mental. Just check out the detail. Genuine surf tat art.


Endless Lines


Clean lines as far as the eye can see? Who wouldn't want that as a giant backpiece. Just a shame you can't see it yourself.


The Seasonaire



Does life revolve around surfing in the summer and riding powder in the winter? This guy definitely thinks so. And he wants you to remember it. Nice touch with the footprints.


New meaning to getting pitted


C'mon, this tattoo was just crying out for a pit-related pun. Do you reckon it ripples when he flexes his muscle?


Perfect A-Frame



A member of both the body boarder and surf clan, this tattooed individual is clearly dreaming for endless barrels.


Taste of Paradise

feb 2006 022

Remember that Bounty advert from the 90s with the "taste of paradise" slogan? Yeah, this tat looks like that. Serious commitment to get a full torso wraparound.


 Underwater Barrel



There are no words. This is sick.


Surf's Up Hawai'i


As backpieces go, this is pretty damn cool. The colours are just insane. Props to this lady for going the whole hog.




This one's got everything - a bit of tribal symbols, tiki bamboo, barrelling wave, sunshine. All etched round the nip.


Dolphin with a bong


Ok, this one's just a bit odd. If The Dude were a dolphin...


Surfin' Japan


Not strictly surfing, but Japanese-esque waves and colouring always look rad. We're big fans of this backpiece.


The Mind's Eye



Mind surfing taken to whole new level here.


 The Follow Cam Effect


Obligatory barrel? Tick. Sunset? Tick. GoPro distorted perspective? Tick. This is a work of art if ever we saw one.

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