1) Let's be honest, longboards are better than shortboards....


2) While shortboarders can spend most of the day trying to get a decent wave


3) It's wayyy easier to pop and get riding on a longboard


4) You get longer rides....

long6Matt Cuddihy

5) You look super stylish....


6) You can practice your nose riding...


7) ...And you can hang ten!


8) For most of the year, riding a shortboard in the UK is almost impossible


9) But you can catch waves all year round on a log


10) Shortboarders have to fight over one part of the wave for a short ride


11) While longboarders usually spend a lot of time chilling out


12) Victoria Vergara, Leah Dawson and Kassia Meador prove just how stylish longboarding can look

13) The competitive surf world is focused on the shortboards

Kelly Slater (USA).  SUPERTUBOS, Peniche/Portugal (Thursday, October 14, 2010) ÐKelly Slater (USA), 38, former nine-time ASP World Champion and current ASP World No. 1, has collected his 44th elite tour victory, besting current ASP World No. 2, Jordy Smit

14) But longboarders are all about free surfing

long8Thomas Lodin

15) Because they're so light, it's easy to damage a shortboard


16) But your trusty log can last you for years


17) So whether you're a beginner trying to get on those greens

18) Or an old hand, looking for a perfect day in the ocean...


19) We all know that longboarding is the way to go!

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