1) Surfing is not photogenic…

Photo: hawaiisurfboardrentals.com

2) …and we don’t understand why anyone would think otherwise

Photo: iStock

3) The scenery is just non-existent

Photo: luex.com

4) There are no good views

Screen Shot: Vimeo (Sean O' Shea).

5) No chances to look good on a surfboard

Photo: iStock

6) No chance for the surfboard to look good at all

Photo via. shopwildthing

7) No chance for a good photo

Photo: iStock

8) …because all the waves are too samey

Photo: Swatch

9) You’ll never see a good sunset

Photo: Adrian Dorst/Wickanninish Inn

10) And it’s pretty much just getting wet, isn’t it?

Photo: Roxy

11) It’s impossible to look cool


12) The sea is always just way too busy

Photo: Calum Jelley

13) There’s never anything nice at the beach...

Photo: Chris Ramirez

14) …and when you get there?

Photo: Tumblr

15) It’s too blue

Photo: iStock

16) Far, far too blue

Surfing Hawaii

17) There's nothing to do when the sun goes down either...

Photo: springmaidbeach.com

18) You have to be a pro with a badass camera to get any kind of cool shot

Photo: Tumblr

19) And even pro shots aren’t all that rad…

namatu fiji surfing

20) So, rather than taking “sunset surf shots"…

Photo: iStock

21) …Maybe you should go take pictures of mojitos in jam jars and put them on Instagram like everyone else

Photo: Pinterest

22) Or just stick to your strange games

Photo: Pinterest

23) …because, yeah, you’re an odd bunch

Photo: Jim Russi

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