1. You look at beaches like this and think they are totally pointless...

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2. You spot ripples - on a lake, river or in your bathtub - and think, I could surf that...

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3. You rejoice when headlines like this hit the newspaper...

Sun Headline Big Waves Cornwall Newquay

4. But cry when you spot the wind speed....

Sun Headline Big Waves Cornwall Newquay 2

5. You know the price of beer in Australia, France, Portugal and Cornwall...

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6. Morocco means more to you than tagine, camels and souks...

Photo: Nina Zietman

7. The two photos you never delete from your phone – apart from your dog and other half – is your proudest moment

Photo: Ed Howell-Jones

8. You refer to certain people by their first names, even though you’ve never met them. Despite the fact your non-surfer mates have no idea who Kelly, Steph or John John are…

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9. Your ears prick up when you mention “corduroy"


10. You become unnerved when people mention “Men In Grey Suits"

Men In Grey Suits

11. And know "Magic Seaweed" isn't some weird children's book about an enchanted piece of algae

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12. You wear flip flops even when it's 4°C out..

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13. You are the first person wearing shorts in the spring

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14. And you are the one who can open a beer with your flip flop...

Photo: acapaday.wordpress.com

15. You are obsessed with avoiding using plastic bags and bottles


16. Your choice of car revolves around whether you'll be able to fit your surfboard inside or not

Photo: stokereport.com

17. To you, a honeymoon looks like this...

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18. Not this...

Photo: iStock

19. You have a degree-standard knowledge of meteorology despite never having opened a book...

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20. You think peeing on yourself is totally normal behaviour

Photo: The Inertia

21. You have a tendency to get up at 5am and stare out the window...

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22. You can always pick out the surfer in the crowd....

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23. And give them a nod. Because, you know, they get it.

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