Surfing enthusiasts will testify that the sport they love is frustratingly reliant on the fickle personalities of the seas and oceans it occurs within. However, the introduction of new artificial surfing lakes, across the world, looks set to change all that. Wadi Adventure in the UAE, for example, is already hugely popular with wave-lovers.

Australian firm Surf Lakes is currently requesting $500,000 (AUD), on crowdfunding website Indiegogo, to produce a Brisbane-based pool with the capability to create an impressive 3,000 waves per hour. The concentric design of this lake is highly original, and would provide surfers with an utterly unique user experience.

Image: Surf Lakes.

According to statistics from Surfing Australia, over 1 in 10 Australians classify themselves as surfers. We'd hazard a guess and say that these self-anointed surfers, especially those that live in or around the Brisbane area, will be extremely excited by these plans.

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