1) Standing sideways started with surfing

Photo: iStock

2) In fact, surfing was first recorded as far back as 1769

Photo: polyadhawaiitours.com

3) Almost 200 years before skateboarding

Photo: ultraswank.net

4) You were kinda late to the party

Photo: bretterbude.blogspot.com

5) Which pretty much puts skateboarding in the same category as this


6) Skateboarding basically started with a pair of little girls roller skates attached to a plank

Photo: iStock

7) Which evolved into this

Photo: skateandannoy.com

8) And then this

Photo: fashiontimes.com

9) Where as surfing started here

Photo: Pinterest

10) And today looks like this

Photo: iStock

11) And granted, a lot of tricks have evolved in skating over the years

Photo: mashable.com

12) Sorry, we mean skating

Photo: iStock

13) But they're not the only ones flipping their board

Photo: Youtube / Zoltan

14) Surfing keeps you in peak condition

Photo: ESPN

15) Where as skateboarding keeps you peak condition

Photo: iStock

16) The media think surfers look like this

Photo: Baywatch

17) The truth is, we look like this

Photo: travlifestyle.com

18) The media thinks skateboarders look like this

Photo: derbyshireindependent.co.uk

19) Where as, the truth is, they look like this

Photo: iStock

20) Ideal surfing destinations include Hawaii...

Photo: hawaiisurfboardrentals.com

21) California...

Photo: iStock

22) Indonesia...

Photo: luex.com

23) Australia...

Photo: epicgapyear.com

24) Portugal

Photo: Bura Surfhouse

25) And the skateboard atlas? The Civic Centre in Wolverhampton is pretty good

Photo: expressandstar.com

26) Maybe Barcelona?


27) Or Philadelphia at a push

Photo: 12ozprophet.com

28) Oh, and this woman surfs

Photo: Facebook

29) And the dude from Christian-right propaganda tool Twilight skates

Photo: Pinterest

30) Okay, skateboarding is kinda cool

Photo: kpbs

31) It's just that surfing is cooler. After all...

Photo: iStock

32) You don't get scooter kids in the sea

Photo: hawkesburyskatepark.wordpress.com

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