shane dorian sancho

shane dorian sancho

Here we are again, another friday, another roundup of the weeks best action from the past week. in the week in which the British budget was announced we at MPORA can announce that the value of gnarly action sports edits is currently going through the roof and we endeavour to give you more for your money (this is free you freeloaders).

We've got one legged BMXers dropping in on insane quarterpipes, huge waves off the coast of France and even floating halfpipes with the world's least Brazilian sounding Brazilian.

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Terje Haakonsen has never been someone to get overly concerned about the Olympics. First he boycotted them, second he continued to boycott them and finally he relaunched his annual shred-fest, the Arctic Challenge, just a few weeks after snowboarding saturation point in Sochi.

TAC served up it's usual savage riding combined with the more chill ethos that Haakonsen is fighting to preserve in the sport he pioneered. Danny Davis was the winner amidst a star studded lineup and the Finnish Cat himself even dropped in to show he's still got it.

Slab City is something of a legendary location. Since it's heyday in World War II (a period of limited heydays in the world) it's fallen into abandonment and desolation and is now the home of nomads and squatters.

Etnies decided to add skaters to that list with this edit. Armed with power tools, bags of cement mix, and buckets of water, the crew stirred up some skate creation and managed to throw hammers in a desolate location.

We'll admit to not knowing too much about Beau Bishop at MPORA. Like all people with alliterative names we just assumed he was a Marvel superhero. Turns out he's not the latest star of the Avengers but a Canadian rider who really knows how to get down.

Here he makes hay in the Whistler backcountry taken from his exploits in the 2013 movie, 'Glimpse.' Powder is plentiful, with Bishop carving with aplomb. Know we know who he is and we want to see more from the Bish.

We keep our fingers on the pulse at MPORA and right now we know that drones and quadcopters are pretty in vogue right now. They're great for getting close to the action as well as illustrating scale, as well as convincing stoners that the government is spying on them.

They're used to great effect down in the cradle of skateboarding in Venice Beach, California. The bowl riding is smooth from every angle and basically we really want one. So smooth.

NB: No Pakistani farmers were harmed in the making of this video.

Kurt Yaeger is a pretty incredible guy. Since losing his left leg and nearly destroying his right in a road accident eight years ago he's returned to his BMX stronger than ever and become a trailblazer as one of the most prominent amputee athletes out there.

For the past few months he's been on a tour of the UK showing off his skills, talking to similarly injured people and changing perceptions of disabilities as he goes. He's also riding liking a demon and in episode three of his odyssey he takes on a monumental 'quarterpipe' he found lying around. We would not be doing this with both our legs.

[part title="Bob Burnquists's Floating Halfpipe"][mpora_video id='AAdqj6l5uvi0]

It's not secret that Bob Burnquist is a ramp pervert. His backgarden is awash with them and he's single handedly made the mega-ramp seem not especially mega with his repeated dominance of it. This time he's gone one further with a ramp that floats.

While it's not quite X-Games size it's still a mini pipe that floats in the middle of Lake Tahoe, California, which is enough for us quite frankly. The project is part of a campaign by the Californian tourist authorities and further reinforces that the America's most populous state is a pretty cool place. They are yet to respond to our queries as to whether a floating mini-ramp is included as part of the all-inclusive packages on offer.

The past winter has seen some absolute giant waves in coastal Europe. From Nazaré to Mullaghmore, the Hercules storm has been a dream for big wave surfers - less so for homeowners.

Here we have Shane Dorian, Jeremy Flores, Benjamin Sanchis and Laurent Pujol showing what they got up to over the winter. It turns out they got up to quite a lot, slaying some mega-slabs of Atlantic water with absolutely no fear. Dorian even had the time to take a cheeky selfie as he got barrelled by a wave the size of a house.