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Can you actually surf a board that's shaped like a penis? Errr... apparently you can!

When we first came across this board, we didn't believe it was for real. It turns out there are actually tonnes of mad shapers out there, who are bored with creating your average fish shape, and want to try something... a bit ris-kay.

Who knew?

[part title="R2D2"]

Photo: gulfster.com

R2D2 Surfboard

"R2D2, where are you?" Seems like C3PO's mate has found himself turned into a mini 3ft fish, thanks to Ricky Carroll Surfboards.

I'd love to see how this rides...

[part title="The Collapsible Board"]

Collapsible surfboard

Collapsible surfboard

Designer Nicholas Notara came up with this carbon fibre contraption with two pins and quick release system to relieve such anxiety. It looks sick, but can you imagine actually surfing one these babies?

[part title="The Penis"]

Paul Fisher Penis

Paul Fisher Penis

It was only a matter of time before ex-pro surfer and video blogger Paul Fisher got himself a surfboard shaped like a dick.

Most surprising thing of all? It actually rides pretty well!

Props to the guys at Super Surfboards for making this a reality!

[part title="The Coffin"]

Photo: The Evilgoods

Evilgood Coffin

No, we're not talking about the literal coffin lids the Victorians surfed in yesteryear. This board is actually shaped to look you're riding Dracula's bed!

[part title="LED Surfboard"]

LED surfboard3 IIHIH

LED surfboard3 IIHIH

A board laced with neon LED light?! Hell yeah!

You might remember this rad night surf edit from a while back with LED boards. Now everyone is experimenting with the neon glow.

This one from Spanish shapers Pukas Surfboards is sick! Check out how it rides below...

[part title="The iPhone"]


Mac obsessives will have heart palpitations over this "iPhone" board. 'Praps surfers of the world are trying to drop Apple some very heavy hints...

[part title="The Peugeot GTi"]

Peugeot GTi Surfboard

Peugeot GTi Surfboard

This wooden and carbon fibre number comes from none other than car manufacturers Peugeot, who decided to get experimental with the surfboard in honour of Goodwood Festival of Speed.

They claim the quad fins on the tail give "a responsive, exhilarating and agile ride quality", although we're not entirely convinced this stick has ever seen water.

[part title="The Surf Guitar"]

Photo: Noise Addicts

Noise Addicts Guitar Surfboard

OK, so this isn't a real surfboard, but fuck it's cool, isn't it? So much respect for this dude.

Want one yourself? The guys over at Noise Addicts make these beauties to order!

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