It's one thing making waves like this, but when a surfer stacks it on a wave of such consequence a car crash situation takes over. You know you shouldn't look, but you just can't help it. It's a guilty pleasure to laugh at surfers as they are piled through the ultimate in rinse cycles. No matter how big the wave is you simply cannot help but release a slight chuckle.

Fortunately a solid beating for the top big wave surfers is like you or I getting pummelled in a three foot shore break, so, for them it's no big deal right? Well maybe not at this level, click on and watch in glorious horror as five of the best big wave hell men on the planet eat shit, this is the Billabong XXL Wipeouts of the year.


Maverick's, the wave that wasn't meant to exist, breaks on a shallow pinnacle of rock a mile offshore the little fishing community of Half Moon Bay. It's heavy up there, Great Whites patrol the lineup, the rocks eat boards and it's cold.

On this gnarly wipeout, psycho Mav's charger Shawn Dollar falls for the classic two step nailing. He gets hung up in the lip, fights the wind, gets into the wave only to be bounced off by a lump of chop. It's ugly, it's cold and this wave probably took him deep.



It's easy to sit at a computer screen and chuckle and point out what went wrong here for Alex Martins. But it's a whole other story when you're out there, with a powerful swell and a solid, competitive crowd.

One things for sure the Brazilian mad man was swinging from way behind the peak here, and just to make it worse it's a rare Mav's closeout. Fair play to him though he didn't flinch, took off, and just squeaked under the lip, but you can bet your soul that he got the beating of a lifetime.


If Jamie Mitchell had made this, it's almost a dead cert he'd have ridden one of the biggest waves of all time. The aptly named Hercules swell from where this megalith was born, was one of the deepest storms of all time in The Atlantic.

Sadly the choppy ski slope that is Belharra in south west France bounced him off and swallowed him under an avalanche of whitewater. Good effort though, and I bet he was glad he had an inflation vest on.


Mavericks is cold and heavy and will hold you down for ages, Belharra will roll you mercilessly underwater, but Teahupoo, it takes wiping out to a whole new dimension. Those thick lips can break you in half, the coral reef rip you to shreds, and the shear weight of water drown you.

For Alain Riou things started well, it looks like he is in for the hell keg of a lifetime, until he catches a rail, gets swallowed by the spit, chucked over the falls and compressed into the reef. It's not pretty, but nothing is at Chopes.


OK so you've seen four bad wipeouts, now see the one that is going to win. If it doesn't then there is something wrong in the world. This is the surfing equivalent of a train wreck. Thousands of Olympic sized swimming pools, tiles and all collapsing on you.

This matters little to Koa Rothman, he goes big, goes hard and gets destroyed on what is one of the evilest waves ever ridden. There is no contest in our opinion, this is nuts.[splitpost intro="true"]