Maybe you think Jordan Peterson is a really good guy. Maybe you have a poster of him on your wall, and a custom-made screensaver of him on your computer. "Hello, Smithers. You're. Quite. Good. At. Turning. Me. On" etc etc. If that sounds like you, you might want to look away because this news story almost certainly isn't for you. In fact, if that does sound like you, you should probably just shut down your computer now and sit in a darkened room contemplating your misguided and ignorant views re: the gender pay gap. 

Everyone else. Rejoice. Because the World Surf League has just announced that it will award equal prize money for men and women on elite tour events in 2019, and beyond. The big announcement came as the season schedule was revealed.

Using #CatchThisWave and the line 'Equal By Nature' as part of their reveal, the WSL's decision has received praise from some of the biggest names in surfing.

Australian legend, six-time world champion and world number one, Steph Gilmore said "The prize money is fantastic, but the message means even more. I hope this serves as a model for other sports, global organisations and society as a whole." 

The little known American rookie Kelly Slater, meanwhile, commented on the story saying "The women on the tour deserve this change. The female WSL athletes are equally committed to their craft as the male athletes and should be paid the same."


Pay parity will be occur across next season's championship, longboard, junior and big wave tours with the WSL planning to extend equal prize to second-tier events as soon as possible.

Here at Mpora, it's our hope that other sports will follow the WSL's example on this and do similar. It really does feel like a step in the right direction. 

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