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With a terrifying one pay day left until Christmas, it's time we got started thinking about gifts.

No one likes it when their mum gives them a really shit reindeer jumper for Christmas, or fills their stocking with clementines because they didn't know else to get... which is why we are here to help.

When it comes to surfing, there is so much to choose from, whether it's a high end wetsuit or a bar of wax. So we've put together 10 gifts every female surfer will go ape for.... Trust us on this one.

Female Patagonia Wetsuit Full

If you're looking to give your female surfer the best present in the whole world, get her a Patagonia wetsuit.

It's like the Bugatti Veyron of wetsuits. Super well-fitted with an easy-to-do-up front zip, and lined with merino wool to keep you extra warm.

£379.95, shop.tikisurf.co.uk

Roxy Moroccan One Piece

Thank god one-piece swimsuits are back in shops, they're way better when you don't want to flash the entire beach car park getting out of your wetsuit.

Roxy do this rad one in a jazzy "Moroccan moon" pattern. The back is pretty cool too, so you won't look frumpy.

£34.99, surfdome.com

Pom Pom Surf Wax

Pom Pom are an all girls surf/skate/snowboard wax company. Yes, really! They want to encourage women to wax and tune their own boards, which is pretty rad really.

We like their wax because it's totally eco-friendly, made without petroleum based paraffin. Go for the cold water variety.

£2.20, sas.org.uk

Penfield Minden Jumper

The only thing you want to put on after a cold winter surf is a seriously warm sweater.

This Fair Isle knit number is made by American company Penfield, who specialise in warm outdoors clothing. It's pricey but it's damn good quality.

£104.99, surfdome.com

Wakami Jewellery

Wakami are a Fair Trade jewellery makers based in Guatemala. They are all hand-crafted by women in rural villages, the proceeds go to these women to help them build a sustainable future for themselves.

Plus they look rad!

£10.95, shop.tikisurf.co.uk

Nine Plus Trim King 4 9'6

There's no doubt about it - Nine Plus make beautiful boards, ranging from 9'6" beasts like this one to retro eggs and magic carpets.

You can buy a board off the shelf, or they'll make you one to order. Warning: the prices are pretty steep, but these are fibreglass beauties you'll keep forever.

£899, nineplus.com

Pendleton Black Pine Workshop Tote

Black Pine Workshop have pulled together some super nice tote bags made from Deadstock Pendleton fabric. Each bag therefore is slightly different to the last.

We like this one stocked in Cornish shop Academy Store, ideal for throwing a spare pair of clothes and suncream in before going surfing.

£120, academy-clothes.co.uk

Kleen Kanteen Golden Poppy

Klean Kanteen water bottles are everywhere right now. Why are they so popular?

They're made of high quality stainless steel, come in great colours and are totally free of BPA and other toxins. The wide neck also makes them super easy to clean.

Fill up with water before you get in the sea, you'll be grateful for it afterwards.

£15, alloutdoor.co.uk

Finisterre Merino Layer

Fancy lingerie is great, but not when it comes to surfing. Every female surfer wants to put on one of these merino sets from British cold water surf company Finisterre when they finish a chilly winter session.

Merino wool is particularly good because it's a great insulator and has anti-bacterial properties which means they won't smell funky too quickly.

£50, finisterreuk.com

History Of Surfing Book

Matt Warshaw's The History of Surfing is a must-have for any surfer. It is a true tome - 500 pages long, 250,000 words and over 250 rare surf photos.

The former SURFER editor took five years to research and write this definitive history of surfing. He's done a fine job, delving into the sport with humour and authority.

£29.99, magicseaweed.com